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Presence-ing isn't therapy.  It's facilitation.

Typically when a person enters therapy there is some issue, situation or behavior they want fixed.  The therapist hears the symptoms and helps the client reduce their frustration, confusion or pain by talking through the circumstances, or perhaps by creating a space for them to express anger or sadness.  Maybe some understanding and explanation about why this feeling or situation has arisen (often rooted in childhood) is provided or discovered.  The client might gain better coping mechanisms and deeper understanding about why these events or patterns occur.  They may also become adept at letting emotions flow as they come up.  This is all very good.  There are many types of excellent therapists and I encourage exploring that. 

But Presence-ing™ isn't therapy.  In Presence-ing I do not try to fix symptoms at all.  I know that symptoms are caused by many things.  Gaining more understanding about the cause of those things, knowing their source, their impact, is not the intention.  Nor is it the intention to simply express our pain, hurt, sadness or anger about the causes.  Understanding and forgiveness are outcomes of Presence-ing.  Emotional Fluency is also an outcome of Presence-ing.

Presence-ing is very different than therapy.  I believe that Presence-ing is a more fundamental process.  I recognize that there are repressed emotions and events in our lives.  They remain because they were not fully received or fully experienced.  When something is completely experienced, it disappears.  When the energy that went into keeping the event or information from being completed is released, it becomes available to you again.  The symptoms, issues, situations and behaviors automatically disappear.

A variety of release modalities are used to allow the stored information to arise.  When the stored information is presented, various physical, mental and emotional clearing processes are used.  Love, Divinity and Presence then reoccupy the cleared space within you.

A skilled facilitator who has cleared his own energies and patterns is necessary to guide you through these processes.  This is due in part to the function and purpose of the mind -- to protect the body so it can reproduce itself.  The mind does this by repeating patterns that ‘worked’ in the past.  The mind’s measurement of a successful pattern is whether you physically survived, not your happiness.  Your mind cannot give you information that it perceives endangers you.  The facilitator does not try to change your mind.  The mind is not the enemy.  Through Presence-ing you will relieve it of burdens.  When the mind is unburdened you may know bliss.

Through Presence-ing, Love, power, joy, connection, compassion, vibrant health and aliveness all return to you.