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Dr. Leigh Jacobs:  
     Originally from a small town in Upstate NY, I relocated to California in 2007 to 
finish my doctorate studies in neuro-physiology, Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  I also have degrees in Anthropology and Biology.  I've had many different occupations in my life, ranging from delivering newspapers to practicing as a physician.  
One of my true joys and passion is facilitating and sharing Presence with others through group processes.  I have found that connecting through body centered awareness and authentic sharing to be the KEY to profound healing.  It has indeed been a path home to the Divine for me personally.
     My spiritual journey began at a very young age.  I have many years experience with various meditation practices, chanting, breathwork, yoga, somatic experiencing, sexuality, bodywork and devotional life in India.  I LOVE adventure, travel and anything to actively engage my body!  That often includes, hiking, kite-surfing, swimming and recently scuba diving.
     Through my understanding of the nervous system, cultural systems and my own continuing journey in Awakening, it is an honor to be of service to others wherever they are in their own journey.
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