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The first fundamental requirement of a facilitator is to have completed, or released, similar patternings.  This creates space that the client can expand into.

The second fundamental requirement of a facilitator is a connection to Presence.  The facilitator does not do the work of transformation.  It is a gift from Presence.  I'm simply an experienced conduit. 

Release modalities, what I call access methods, are routes to freeing stored information and charges, or programming.  This programing repeats, loops, manifesting in life patterns.  When the charge is experienced, the charge has completed its journey, the learning has happened and the program ends.

These modalities are not practices.  The ultimate point of a practice (e.g. meditation, breath work, etc.) is to demonstrate to you that it does not work, that it does not free you from the basic mechanism that creates the issues in the first place: the mind.  When the absolute futility of all effort is experienced the mind stops for a moment and there is an opportunity for Presence, your Divine, to enter and change things for you.

It’s a paradox, and true, that these access methods free stuck energy and help you become more aware, more present.  By obvious extension one would think that with enough use of these modalities, you’d eventually become free, awaken.  But the mind is engaged in all access methods.  It may give up one identity, while creating another.  For example you may drop “I’m angry” and replace it with “I’m spiritually evolved.”  Both are formations of the mind.  Awakening is freedom from the mind, the mechanism itself.