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Joy, a new sensation

Joy:  It has a different quality than anything I’ve experienced before.  When it happened, there was no cause.  I thought ‘What is this?  There is nothing that’s changed, nothing I’ve done, yet this feeling is flooding through me.  Wow, is this that ‘causeless joy’ I’ve heard about?  This is cool!’  Then I tuned into it:  It has a silent core.  Colors and textures are brighter.  There is an essence that is oozing, flowing, out of everything.  There is no meaning to it; nothing to understand.  There’s a sound to it, a vibration, like the sweetest, longest inaudible cosmic violin note.  It is not happiness.  It is not pleasure.  It is not feeling good about something.  It is not related to success or accomplishment.  It is not security.  It’s not something that can be tuned into.  It’s a gift, like rain falling into my open palms.