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Back then, there was an elephant in my living room.  It was insistent, powerful, undeniable, relentlessly pushing down walls, terrifyingly clearing space.  Elephants have no concept of, no use for, reason, or reasonableness either.  For years I feared and cared for the stupid beast.

Now, my house is reduced to splinters.  The elephant is uncontainable.  It eats, runs, dances, crushes and builds.  The elephant has taken over my body, my heart, and my mind too.  It sleeps soundly, fully awake.  It knows my story from before I was born; the reason for my existence.  I often stand in speechless awe, being consumed.  So little of me remains.  The elephant has ancient wisdom.  It listens, and answers, to God.  I look into its golden eyes and expand, loved.